Street Workout


Your favourite spot in the downtown

Experience dynamic workouts in our specially designed space downtown Athens and take your fitness to the next level!

Come on down to the original Street Workout outdoor gym directly next to the National Gardens and allow us to take you on a fitness journey like no other. Improve stamina and overall health with inspiring training sessions that leave you feeling your best.

Workouts in the city’s oasis of green 


Locating breathing space where you can train in the city is no easy task – this is why our flagship outdoor gym is ideally located in the heart of Athens, directly next to Zappeion and the National Gardens. Discover your limits and surpass these with unrivalled coaching and exceptional guidance by top fitness experts in the field. Our specially designed gym and training equipment in the great outdoors is sure to motivate and get you going!

Feel your best with the ultimate outdoor fitness experience


Our Street Workout skilled professional coaches train in large and small groups as well as one-to-one. No two workouts are the same, each one tailored to your own personal
needs and requirements with key motivation delivered in abundance.
Workouts on offer:
CrossFit | Pilates | Cross & Functional Training | Bootcamp | Endurance / Fat Loss / Strength

Come on down and let’s get pumping!

Feel the rhythm and train to the beat 


At our Street Workout flagship outdoor gym, it’s all about that ‘let’s do this’ mindset which motivates and keeps us growing as a community of learners and fitness professionals. Our team of talented coaches brings the latest innovations to the table and shares these to achieve optimum results on your wellbeing journey. Come feel that Street Workout vibe and let’s get this party started!